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Our business model is based on consulting, software development and support, and does not rely on donations. However, here you have the opportunity to donate to the KNOPPIX project (or other Free Software projects initiated and supported by KNOPPER.NET), and therefore help improving them.

With your donation, software development can be focused more on otherwise "unpaid voluntary work", and can improve the long-term availability and continuity of these projects.

Please note that a donation to KNOPPER.NET is in general not earmarked to a specific purpose. However, you can specify an "intended use" in paypal's money transfer form, which we try to keep close to. Unlike with nonprofit organizations like Debian, a donation to a KNOPPER.NET project is NOT tax-deductible.

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Sending this form will guide you to the PayPal-Website, where you can approve the transaction and also add a comment for your donation.

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If instead of sending a donation, you wish to receive a regular invoice with declared VAT for a taken consulting or helpdesk service, please contact us via the contact form.

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