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Apart from the many well known products being used for various operating systems, Open Source is a giant toolbox with high quality components, which allows construction of innovative new programs because of its cooperative license design.

KNOPEPR.NET creates new software and extends existing software with features that are not yet available as a ready and complete product in the open source pool, on customers order.

Join different worlds in software

Using Windows® programs on the Linux® operating system? This is possible even without virtualization, using emulators or remote access, with decent performance. It's just not always trivial to find the right configuration. KNOPPER.NET aids in planning and concept, and creates technical compatibility by extending the runtime environment and scripting of mechanisms of the "guest operating system".

Kernel development

cloop is a kernel module (a so-called block device), which allows transparent access to blockwise compressed partitions or images. It's being used in KNOPPIX and LINBO, and is also supported by the well known virtualization software qemu/kvm as image format for virtual volumes. Because cloop is file system independent, arbitrary data even from other operating systems can be stored, and you can directly mount the image like a data partition under Linux, without prior decompression, as you would need for tar.gz or zip as archive formats. You can get cloop as Kernel-Addon, which compiles and runs with kernels starting from 2.4 to 3.x. Opposed to compressed file systems which are often used in other live systems, cloop tolerates partly defective media graciously, like CDs with scratches, and will still continue reading data after defective sectors, and is therefore a stable alternative to compressing file systems.

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