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The following list is based on the current industry standard prices for IT services and products. If not otherwise indicated, understand the prices are subject to german VAT of 19%. individual fixed price agreements and discounts (or premiums, depending on timeframe and effort) are possible. Expenses, material and travel costs are billed separately and are not included. For training in the public sector, non-profit organizations and collaborations with open source projects there are different prices and special discounts.

price list KNOPPER.NET

dated: 01.09.2012

Consulting, Engineering, Software DevelopmentEUR  120,00/h
Consulting, Engineering, Software Development (daily rate)EUR 1200,00/d
Courses, Seminars and Trainings (individual arrangement)
daily rate (1d) plus expenses, material and travel costsstarting from EUR 1000,00/d
Software Installation, Configuration and adaption, security analyses and system tuning, data rescue
on request

Unless otherwise arranged, the software created by KNOPPER.NET is subject to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, and therefore comes with complete source code. The customer has the right to extend GPL software as they wish, or contract a developer of their choice to create extensions, and can redistribute the software in compliance with the GPL.

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