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Aside of developing specialized software solutions, research in current IT evolution and transfer of practical know-how is one of the core competences of KNOPPER.NET.

This an overview of various course and seminar topics, which we conduct in cooperation with popular training companies. Of course, in-house trainings are also negotiable.

The free LATEX system is excellently suited for typesetting complex documents liks scripts and books, and because of its support for mathematical formulas and automatic structuring with predefined, yet flexible layouts, is ideal for extensive scientific works. Presentations and even musical scores are possible without having to deal with a "drawing program".

Linux is an operating system published under the conditions of the GNU General Public License, which has become popular not only because of this this special license, but also because of its resource efficiency, stability and flexibility. Since Android, it is the market-dominant operating system on smartphones. Thanks to the openness of its architecture and the good documentation, GNU/Linux is ideally suited as a "educational operating system" in general, and also for learning about system administration, system security and introduction to computer networks and network services.

Programming languages
Programming languages are basis for software development, in addition to engineering. Although many programming languages are very flexible and can be used for different purposes, there are various programming languages that appear optimal as required for solving a specific problem, for every application:

  • C for developing portable, yet machine-oriented and performant programs,
  • PERL and PHP for processing of data with database connectivity and CGI for being accessed over WWW,
  • JAVA as platform-independent language for apps and applications,
  • Bourne Again Shell (bash) as essential scripting language, often used to simplify and automate complex tasks.

Training Providers
Courses and seminars with participation of KNOPPER.NET, are currently offered by:

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